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Suicide Prevention Resources

If You are Considering Suicide

American Association of Suicidology
Provides a full range of resources on suicide, especially links for crisis centers and support groups.

Befrienders International
If you are feeling suicidal at this point in time, and you need someone to talk to, this site provides referral and information services.

Community Lifelines - Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
A Canadian organization of concerned persons and agencies working in suicide prevention.

Crisis Site
From the About.com Depression guide.  If you are considering suicide, go here now.

Have a Heart Depression Resource
From the Haveaheart web site an article on emotional thought stopping.  A mood enhancing exercise by Stephen L. Bernhardt.

If You Are Thinking of Suicide Read This First
A great page to look at, read and think about if you are considering suicide.

Suicide on the Internet
The Mental Resources About.com guide discusses a resources to help those who are contemplating suicide.

The Samaritans
An organization based in the UK that provides 24 hour on-line support for suicide prevention.

Suicide and Holidays
This article is from your About.com Guide on this site. Statistics show that suicides increase during holidays.  Here is Information on hotlines and assistance.

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Preventing a Suicide

Suicide Education and Information Center
A site with a searchable information database for those who work in crisis centers and on suicide hotlines.

Teen Suicide
By the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, a brochure on preventing teen suicide.  These are facts every parent should read.

What Can You do to Prevent Suicide
By San Francisco Suicide Prevention - excellent suggestions to get a potential suicide victim to talk.


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Understanding Signs of Depression
and Possible Suicide

Depression: Understanding Feelings of Suicide
from the Haveaheart web site by Stephen L. Bernhardt.  Talks about ways to spot and cope with suicidal triggers.

Goldberg Depression Questionnaire
An on-line questionnaire to find out if you are seriously depressed or not.

Red Flags
From the About.com Bipolar guide, signs of suicide and depression.

Signs of Suicidal Feelings
from your About.com Guide on this site.  What signs should you watch for to prevent suicide.

Relationship between Suicide and Depression
Factual information about individuals suffering from depression and suicide.


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FAQs and Facts About Suicide

FAQs about Suicide
Frequently asked questions about suicides by Ohio State University.

Suicide Facts
Statistics from 1997 from the National Institute of Mental Health

Suicide Statistics
From the American Association of Suicidology Site 1997 statistics on suicide.

U.S. Suicide Rates by Gender and Age
From the National Institute of Mental Health, 1997 statistics on suicide.


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Surviving the Suicide of Another

Suicide Survivor's FAQs
A webpage created by Tony Salvatore as part of SOLOS.Inc project to help those who have lost a loved one to suicide.


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