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USA . . .

2 Jan . . . Harris Survey finds 2-to-1 support for euthanasia & PAS

9 Aug . . . California Supreme Court Rules in Robert Wendland Case:
Tightens standard for withdrawal of life sustaining treatment


18 July . . . Robert Wendland Dies: Was Focus of Right to Die Case

Other Articles about Wendland Case and "Termination of Treatment"

7 August . . . Florida judge again orders that a comatose woman's life
sustaining treatment can be stopped
and be allowed to die

1 Aug . . . Caregiver faces trial in assisted suicide case

14 June . . . Compassion in Dying successful in lawsuit - Undermedicating is Elder Abuse -





(6 August, 2001) Euthanasia Conference Gives Overwhelming Support
to Development of Suicide Pill

New Bill Introduced to Legalize Euthanasia





Ready to Vote on Euthanasia Law (Association for the Right to Die with Dignity - A.D.M.D.)

South Australia:


AIDS sufferer loses legal battle for assisted suicide.





British Medical Association's annual conference votes to consider changing "do not resuscitate" (DNR) guidelines for physicians in hospital settings.