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2 Jan, 2002

Harris Survey finds 2-to-1 support for euthanasia & PAS





March 8, 2002

Assisted suicide balloting rejected
Voters probably won't have an opportunity to weigh in on the issue of whether the state should legalize physician- assisted suicide. A proposed state constitutional amendment that would have put the issue on the November ballot failed to win the required two-thirds vote on the House floor yesterday.

Hawaii House OKs Assisted Suicide
Senate Health Committee Chairman David Matsuura has said he will not hold hearings on any House-approved measures, a move that would end any chance of the bills becoming law.

February 24, 2002

Bill advances to Hawaii's full House of Representatives
10-1 approval by Judiciary and Hawaiian Affairs Committee.



Aug 9, 2001

Supreme Court Rules in Robert Wendland Case:
Tightens standard for withdrawal of life sustaining treatment

July 18, 2001

Robert Wendland Dies: Was Focus of Right to Die Case

Other Articles about Wendland Case and "Termination of Treatment"

June 14, 2001

WF's Compassion in Dying successful in lawsuit - Undermedicating is Elder Abuse

May 30, 2001

California high court to ponder right to die case of Robert Wendland

Other articles about this case


Aug 7, 2001

Florida judge again orders that a comatose woman's life
sustaining treatment can be stopped
and be allowed to die . . (August 7)

Read the History of this Florida Case

July 11 , 2001

May 9, 2001

April 30, 2001

April 27, 2001

April 13, 2001

Father Wants Judge Removed from the Case! Also wants his son-in-law removed as daughter's guardian (April 13)

April 12, 2001


March 13, 2001

March 7, 2001

Florida court rules that Michael Schiavo can remove his wife's feeding tube after her parents' appeals are exhausted.




Nov 21, 2001

Oregon's Death with Dignity law gets another temporary reprieve

Nov 14, 2001

Oregon's Official Response to Ashcroft memorandum

Nov 9, 2001

Federal Judge Stops Effort to Overturn Suicide Law (Sam Howe Verhovek, New York Times)

Oregon Assisted - Suicide Law Intact (The Associated Press)

Nov 8 , 2001

Ashcroft Blocked! Federal judge temporarily stops Ashcroft (Associated Press)

Federal Judge Stops Effort to Overturn Suicide Law (New York Times)

Nov 7, 2001

Oregon files lawsuit against feds to protect Death With Dignity Act (Associated Press)

4 Oregon Patients Seeking Suicide Sue U.S. (New York Times)

Federal Doctor-Assisted Suicide Policy Reversed. Senator Wyden: "They have . . . tossed the ballots of Oregon's voters in the trash." (Washington Post)

Nov 6, 2001

Text of Attorney General John Ashcroft's Memorandum "Dispensing of Controlled Substances to Assist Suicide

Atty Gen Ashcroft Finds Loophole to Use Against Oregon:
Uses DEA drug agents to seize state records & punish docs to end legal aid-in-dying!

Oct 31, 2001

Wyden to Bush: Keep hands off Oregon law on assisted suicide (The Oregonian)



Nov 15, 2001

Ashcroft Promotes Terrorism! Ellen Goodman, "Ashcroft's Odd Targets"
(Boston Globe)

Nov 11, 2001

Nov 10, 2001

Ashcroft's Meddling (Boston Globe)


Op Ed: Pieces

Nov 9, 2001

Separating Death From Agony (By Jerome Groopman, New York Times)

Read the NYTimes response letters!

Bush Presidency Begins Decline (Wettstein , Arizonans for DWD, - a branch of Hemlock USA)

June 14, 2001

March 6, 2001

May 15, 2001

March 21, 2001

Comatose Surgeon "Would Prefer Death" Physician Testifies

Feb 2, 2001

Bush may overturn drug law, blocking physician-assisted dying in Oregon.

Sept 19, 2000

Major US newspaper editorials call for opposition to Anti-Assisted Suicide "Pain Relief. New York Times and Los Angeles Times call for veto if bill is passed by the Senate.

June 10, 2000

New England Journal of Medicine editor supports Maine DWD Act.


July 11, 2000

Psychiatrist convicted of manslaughter and negligent homicide in morphine overdose deaths of five elderly patients.


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Aug 1, 2001

Caregiver faces trial in assisted suicide case