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Worlf Federation of Right to Die Societies

Ensuring Choices for a Dignified Death

Why You Should Contribute
How to Contribute
21 Club Established to Support WF


Support the World Federation . . .

. . . Support the Right to Die!


Why You Should Contribute

Support the World Federation with your tax deductible (in the USA) individual or organizational contribution and help choices for a dignified death become a reality.

Your contribution helps us maintain:

our staff . . . website . . . . . . conference and educational activities . . . . . . and the international support our member societies need to work for legal change within their own countries.

The network created by the World Federation enables the successes of one member society to be shared with other members.

Your support helps us:

  • Assist our member societies obtain the resources they need to work more effectively for education and legal change within their own countries;
  • Ensure an international and multi-organizational presence and perspective on right to die issues;
  • Bring our 37 member societies together every two years to share their experiences and learn from each other;
  • Conduct vital research requested by our member societies; and
  • Provide educational services and outreach to the public.

As a contributor to the Federation, you are supporting a worldwide movement for improved patients' rights, compassionate care, and choices at the end of life. Join with us, share in the collective experience and wisdom of our 37 societies, and become a participant in a larger dialogue for change.

We need your contribution to help the right to die movement worldwide

The Federation:

  • Disseminates current information and educational materials about voluntary euthanasia, physician-assisted dying, other right-to-die issues, and related matters of interest;
  • Promotes co-operation and liaison among our member societies;
  • Facilitates international conferences;
  • Provides assistance, where requested, to groups and individuals interested in establishing similar societies in countries where such societies do not currently exist; and
  • Responds to requests by interested groups, scholars, and individuals for information about right-to-die issues.

If you prefer to specify a contribution to one of our member societies you may contact us as described below or the member society directly.

How to Contribute

For further information about supporting the World Federation contact:

Stephen Jamison, Ph.D., Executive Director (USA)

Phone/Fax: + 415 - 332-1810

P.O. Box 570, Mill Valley, CA 94942


21 Club Established to Support WF

During the next two to three years, it is hoped that up to twenty-one individuals, foundations or trusts will each be willing to make donations of at least $1000 to support the work of the World Federation.

The "Twenty One Club" will supplement funds the Federation requires for such general activities as the newsletter,
travel subsidies for certain individuals to the 2004 conference in Tokyo, World Federation representation at selected conferences, the WF's 's share of a joint research project with the European Division and certain European member societies, as well as general administrative expenses.

Already, since September, two individual in England, Angela Farmer and Isabel Irwin, have joined, donating over $4000.

For information about how you can join, please contact our president, Dr. Michael Irwin, MD at


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