Analysis & Survey . . .

USA . . . (14 Aug). . . Lancet report:
Patients considering euthanasia
worry more about social and emotional disintegration
Doctors can help terminally ill by taking a broader view of "suffering".


The Effect of Explicit Financial Incentives on Physician Behavior

. . .

Physician Survey . . .

U.S. doctors favor legalizing physician-assisted suicide at nearly twice rate of AMA Delegates

Poll of Physicians

Many doctors back assisted suicide

Cancer Pain . . .

Undertreated, but new standards will reduce barriers
WHO Pain Standards

Review of Recent advances in palliative care
(British Medical Journal)

Stroke Patients

Less than 3% of stroke patients receive beneficial drug in ER

PVS Patients

Ethical issues persist in diagnosis and management of persistent vegetative patients.
(British Medical Journal, February 01)

Advance Directives

Key to Reducing Stress for Families of Dying Patients

Have psychological benefits, but don't improve decision-making

Must be accessible . . physicians inaccurate predicting treatment preferences


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