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Death With Dignity Organizational Links and Resources



Aid in Dying Communication Project

Provides materials for physicians and other health professionals to help them communicate with patients requesting aid in dying.

Choices in Dying (Now Partnership fopr Caring)

The modern successor to the oldest right to die society in the United States.

Death in America, Project on: Death, Dying, Bereavement

This site connects you to a broad network of organizations involved in public education and policy, with an emphasis on expanding the dialogue surrounding death and bereavement.

Death Net

An international archive specializing in all aspects of death and dying. Includes vast amount of right-to-die materials, services, and resources, information on living wills and an online bookstore with over 3,000 titles.

Death with Dignity National Center

A leading US national advocacy organization for the legalization of physician assisted dying. They work with legal, education, and patient care organizations in Oregon and around the country. For a direct link to DWDNC's Resource page, click here.

Death with Dignity FAQs

Rob Neils comprehensive site on death with dignity issues


Voluntary Euthanasia Research Foundation (VERF)

Dying Well Network

Actively supports the right of the terminally ill to choose the time and method of death, within the bounds of the law; site offers detailed description of the program and procedures.

Final Exit

Current listing of laws concerning euthanasia

(ERGO) Euthanasia Research & Guidance Org.

Aimed at improving the research of physician-assisted dying for terminally ill persons.

Global News

An update from the Canadian society Dying With Dignity newsletter on global concerns and issues surrounding euthanasia.

Growth House

The international gateway to resources for life-threatening illness and end of life care and decision making. Includes a large section on Death With Dignity

This evolving site provides information on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Last Acts Campaign. Its extensive resources include press releases, an electronic newsletter, current activities in the project, and grant information.
Oregon Death with Dignity

Oregon Death with Dignity (ODWD) works to improve end-of-life care through education, and fights to preserve Oregon's Death with Dignity law. It also works nationally to promote Oregon-style laws in other states through the Oregon Death with Dignity Political Action Fund (formerly Oregon Right to Die, a PAC).

Partnership For Caring

A coalition of organizations providing information on issues relevant to death and dying, including downloads of living wills.


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The Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care

The Center provides a variety of on line resources for students, scholars, ethicists, and healthcare professionals on a range ofissues related to medical ethics.

Bioethics Information Center, University at Buffalo

The Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care A guide to health care decision making, including advance directives, life sustaining treatment, and legal issues.

Bioethics On Line Service

A list of bioethics sites worldwide

Center to Improve Care of the Dying

Link to the Center's home page can be found.

University of Washington School of Medicine: Bioethics Resources

An excellent site for practical and accessible information on a range of ethical issues. "Bioethics Related Websites" includes links to sites for beginners in the bioethics field and suggestions of top sites for bioethics related topics.


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ALERT: Against Legalised Euthanasia - Research & Teaching

ALERT is a British initiative affiliated with the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force.

American Life League

A right to life organization opposed to euthanasia, assisted suicide, abortion, and contraception.

American Medical Association

Web site ponsored by the 150-year-old association of physicians. Although opposed to assisted suicide and euthanasia, this is an extremely valuable web site with extensive resources. It iuncludes an "On-line Doctor Finder," searchable directory of JAMA articles and links to other medical sites.

CARE: Christian Action Research & Education

Position paper on the British Medical Association Debate on Physician Assisted Suicide.


Organisation opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide.

International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force

Extensive information and background materials on euthanasia, assisted suicide, advance directives, disability rights, and pain control.

Not Dead Yet

Disability rights organization that strongly opposes the legalization of assisted suicide. Site contains articles, legal briefs, links, and more.

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